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Catholics in the Workplace™

The Our Catholic Neighborhood website has been developed in part to enhance connectedness among Catholics on local, national and global levels.  One means of doing so is by encouraging local commerce among Catholics through the use of Catholics in the Workplace listings at the parish level.

Catholics in the Workplace listings provide a means for all Catholic workers (and each of your Catholic employees if you are a business owner) to:
Creating a Catholics in the Workplace listing allows you to speak to a targeted and receptive local Catholic audience.  The modest fee charged for creating such a listing also allows OCN to keep the Our Catholic Neighborhood website free from banner advertising, solicitations, flash and all of the commercial elements that would detract from OCN's goal of producing an appealing and informative Catholic website to enhance Catholic connectedness and evangelization in our world.

Creating and publishing a Catholics in the Workplace listing in your parish costs $120 per year. That works out to just $10 per month. (You may choose to publish your listing in other parishes for $120 per additional parish.) 

Please create your Catholics in the Workplace listing now!  And please encourage your family members, fellow parishioners and Catholic co-workers to do the same. 

Won't it be great when you and others get to know who provides what goods and services in your local parish?  Help make that happen!

People like to do business with people they know and can trust.  So let your Catholic neighbors know what you do and why they should establish a business relationship with you and your employer! 

The cost - about 30 cents a day - will be insignificant compared to the benefit you will gain from getting to know, and from establishing a business relationship with, hundreds of your local Catholic neighbors who you likely don't yet know and who likely don't yet know you.