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Calvary Abbey - New Brunswick, Canada
In a world given over to the frenetic pursuit of diversions and distractions, evasions and pretension, the Cistercian monastery tries to be an oasis of truth. Here, the soul longing to live learns, patiently through a whole lifetime, the secret way of the heart. The monks try to follow a trusty guide in the Rule of Saint Benedict.

Mepkin Abbey, S. Carolina
We live the Rule of Saint Benedict embodied in the Cistercian tradition, praising God in our prayer, our meditative reading of Scripture, our work, and our hospitality, obeying the call of the Holy Spirit to ceaseless prayer and sharing the sufferings of the present time until the Lord returns (Rm 8:18-23).

Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (also known as “Trappists”) (O.C.S.O)
A Roman Catholic contemplative religious order, consisting of monasteries of monks and monasteries of nuns. We are part of the larger Cistercian family which traces its origin to 1098.

St. Benedict's Monastary - CO
Through daily life in our Cistercian community, we aspire to be transformed in mind and heart by embodying Christ Jesus in ways appropriate to our times.

St. Joseph's Abbey, Spencer, MA
Following Saint Benedict's sixth century Rule for Monasteries, the monks live in silence and solitude, in prayer and penitence, thus rendering God "a service that is at once humble and noble."

The Abbey of Gethsemani
Our monastery is a school of the Lord's service, a training ground of love. The monk expresses this love by his desire to share life together at the heart of the Church and to grow into Christ every day. Our mission is praise of God's mercy and proclamation of the Kingdom's approach.

The Abbey of the Genesse, NY
The monks dedicate themselves to the worship of God in a hidden life within the monastery under the Rule of St. Benedict.