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Educators - All Levels

Catholic Education Resource Center (CERC)
Your online resource library for Catholic faith and culture.

Catholic Faith Education
Reviews of resources available online for those involved in Catholic faith education.

Catholic Library Association
An international membership organization, providing its members professional development through educational and networking experiences, publications, scholarships, and other services.

Family Honor
Creates opportunities and provides tools for children and parents to connect on life issues

Institute for Catholic Education - Ontario, Canada
Brings together, works with, and assists organizations that share responsibility for English Catholic education in their efforts to promote and maintain publicly-funded Catholic schools animated by the Gospel and reflecting the tenets of the Catholic faith.

Kids 4 Jesus
K4J offers a variety of programs for parishes, schools, clubs and the home that motivate children to live virtue and love Christ through their Catholic faith. K4J programs are easy to use and designed to fit the lifestyle of today's busy Catholic.

Lighthouse Catholic Media
Answer the call for a new evangelization in serving the Church by providing inspirational cd's and brochures that will enrich and strengthen people's relationship with Jesus Christ and understanding of their Catholic faith.

Online Catholic Learning
We provide in-depth learning programs and video tutorials on the web for all levels of knowledge of the Catholic faith. This is accomplished by combining our content with innovative technology.

Resources for Catholic Educators
Lesson plans, clipart, posters, etc.

See, Celebrate and Live - Curriculum Resources for Catholic Educators
Welcome to our Catholic Schools Department web site. The very address of this web site aligns to the three global learning standards of our K-8 religion curriculum: “See, Celebrate and Live.” You can find these global learning standards as well as the ten components for each standard under our RELIGION tab on this web page.

Today's Catholic Teacher
Written for you, a teacher in a Catholic school. Each issue is filled with information that will help you succeed in the classroom.