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Science and Catholicism

Catholic School Chronicle
Essential podcast for Catholic science teachers.

The Catholic Laboratory
is dedicated to the numerous Catholic scientists who have opened our minds to new scientific discoveries revealing the beauty and power of God in His creation, and to today’s scientists who continue to put their Catholic faith into practice sometimes at great cost to their careers.

The Society of Catholic Scientists
The Society is an answer to the call of Pope St. John Paul II that “members of the Church who are active scientists” be of service to those who are attempting to “integrate the worlds of science and religion in their own intellectual and spiritual lives.”

The Westchester For Ethics and the Human Person
Is a research institute conducting interdisciplinary, natural law analysis of complex, contemporary moral issues yet unresolved among Judeo-Christian scholars. Anchored in the classic perennial and Catholic view of the human person, our moral inquires are first and foremost of a scholarly nature.