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6 Stone Jars
Guidance on Catholic dating, courtship, relationships and marriage in the name of fostering successful marriages that are permanent, faithful and fruitful.

A Minor Friar
Brother Charles, a Roman Catholic religious of the Franciscan order. The rants and reflections of a brother in Christ, hopefully in the tradition of Francis and Clare. "Ut melius catholice observemus!"

Acts of the Apostasy
Orthodox commentary on heterodox hooligans. Through the year with St. Philip Neri.

Aggie Catholics
Defense of the faith from contemporary criticisms

Alive and Young
Paul Cat :completed my MA in theology from the University of Notre Dame by means of the ECHO program. A site dedicated to discussing the off-beat topics of sex, religion, politics and humor.

American Papist
Very popular Catholic Blog on contemporary issues

Ask Sister Mary Martha
Life is tough. But nuns are tougher. If you need helpful advice just ask Sister Mary Martha. Just don't expect any sympathy.

Ave Maria Meditations - Catholic Exchange

Becoming Catholic
My spiritual journey into the Catholic Church. I was a life-long protestant. My purpose is to create a record for myself as well as to educate other Christians.

Bible Tidbits
A Bible Tidbit is a piece of information found in the Bible or about the Bible that you may not normally see, but draws you closer to the Bible and faith in God.

Big C Catholic
Where Faith and Reason Converge

Blessed is the Kingdom
Fr. Christian Mathis - I am a priest and pilgrim, attempting to walk the path of conversion. This blog began in August 2008 as a place to begin sharing thoughts with friends and family. It has grown to be a home for those who value conversation and dialogue on the Christian faith.

Bread on the Waters
Pages to feed the web surfer's spirit.

Broken But Not Divided
Fr. Raab - Connecting Sacraments and Service

Canterbury Tales; Taylor Marshall
It’s a blog about Catholic culture. My goal is to help readers answer this question: “How is the Holy Spirit asking me to restore all things in Christ?”

Catholic Advocate Blog
Catholic Advocate, launched in 2007 as a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization, tracks the voting records of Catholic members of Congress, addresses current ongoing debates about Catholic political participation, and calls upon Catholic voters to support candidates and policies faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Catholic and Enjoying It!
Mark Shea, prolific Catholic writer defends and clarifies the faith online.

Catholic Blogs
Now searching over 100,000 articles from 2000+ Catholic blogs.

Catholic Campus Watch
For the restoration of Catholic education

Catholic Fire

Catholic Hierarchy News Blog
Announcements of recent changes in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. This blog serves as a supplement to the main Catholic-Hierarchy website.

Catholic Icing
Catholic mom of four blogging on everything Catholic with emphasis given to providing ideas for parents and educators.

Catholic is Right Blog
defending Catholic Church

Catholic Key Blog
Welcome to The Catholic Key Blog from the staff of the newspaper for the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph in Missouri.

Catholic News Service Blog
Catholic News Service, founded by the U.S. bishops in 1920, has a rich history of journalistic professionalism unmatched in the Catholic world.

Catholic Tide
The latest Catholic news, Catholic blogs, Catholic websites.

Catholics by Grace

Courageous Priests
Because Souls Perish for the Lack of Knowledge

Creative Minority Report
The purpose of this blog is as an outlet for sometimes ill considered but occasionally pithy commentary by my cohorts and me. We intend to comment on Church related issues as it relates to its transformation, now begun, into a lean and mean evangelization machine. Also within our purview will be politics, current events, and hopefully some occasional humor as well. Please bear with us.

CUF Blog - Catholics United For the Faith
Catholics United for the Faith (CUF) is an international lay apostolate, building on the only sure foundation for happiness and renewal of the family and society: the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Danielle Bean Blog
Danielle Bean, a wife and mother of eight, is editorial director of Faith & Family magazine and author of several books.

Dave Armstrong - Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
This blog began in February 2004 & contains more than 2550 papers (including more than 50 separate web pages and 650+ dialogues). Sophia Institute Press has published four of my twenty books.

Defenders of the Catholic Faith
Hosted by Stephen Ray - Number of Catholics is increasing worldwide.

Discerning Hearts
Variety of Catholic topics covered by a number of well known Catholics and some not so well known.

Domine da mihi hanc aquam
Fr. Philip Powell, Dominican priest and preacher, poet wannabe.

Edward Pentin Blog
Edward Pentin has been reporting on the Pope and the Vatican since 2002. He began as a correspondent with Vatican Radio and since 2003 he has been the Rome correspondent for the National Catholic Register.

Faith and Family Live!
The magazine and daily blog of Catholic living.

Fathers of the Church Blog
A blog about the Church Fathers

Franciscan Spirit Media
A non-profit ministry of the Franciscan Friars

George Weigel
Weigel has written essays, op-ed columns, and reviews for the major opinion journals and newspapers in the United States, and is a contributor to Newsweek. A frequent guest on television and radio, he is also Vatican analyst for NBC News. His weekly column, "The Catholic Difference," is syndicated to sixty newspapers around the United States. His scholarly work and his journalism are regularly translated into the major European languages.

Goodness Reigns
Suzanne Haugh has worked as a Catholic journalist for over 11 years.

Happy Catholic
Not always happy, but always happy to be Catholic.

Home Faith
Nurturing the spirituality of your family.

Insight Scoop
The Ignatius Press blog dealing with contemporary issues and Catholic themes

J. Cecil's Progressive Catholic Reflections
A blog containing a series of progressive Catholic reflective essays.

Jimmy Akin Blog
Besides being an author, Jimmy is a Senior Apologist at Catholic Answers, a contributing editor to This Rock magazine, and a weekly guest on "Catholic Answers Live."

Life Teen - for Catholic Teenagers
Leading teens closer to Christ. We believe that Eucharist-based ministry has the power to transform teens, transform parishes, and transform culture. Learn more about who we are and what we do:

Mark Mallet - Spiritual Food for Thought
Mark Mallett is a Canadian singer/songwriter & Catholic evangelist. Mark has been touring extensively throughout North America and abroad giving parish missions & concerts, and speaking and ministering at retreats, conferences and Catholic schools.

Mark Shea Blog
Mark P. Shea is a popular Catholic writer and speaker. The author of numerous books, his most recent work is the Mary, Mother of the Son trilogy (Catholic Answers). Mark contributes numerous articles to many magazines, including his popular column “Connecting the Dots” for the National Catholic Register and his regular feature on InsideCatholic.com.

Matt Warner Blog
Matt Warner is a Catholic husband, father, tweeter, blogger and social media nerd. In 2008, Matt left his engineering career to focus full time on New Media and the Catholic Faith.

Matthew & Pat Archibald Blog
Matt Archbold graduated from Saint Joseph's University in 1995. He is a former journalist writes for the Creative Minority Report. Patrick Archbold is co-founder of Creative Minority Report, a Catholic website that puts a refreshing spin on the intersection of religion, culture, and politics.

Catholic blog edited by Stephen Hand

Nineteen Sixty-four
A research blog for the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University edited by Mark M. Gray. CARA is a non-profit research center that conducts social scientific studies about the Catholic Church. Founded in 1964, CARA has three major dimensions to its mission: to increase the Catholic Church's self understanding; to serve the applied research needs of Church decision-makers; and to advance scholarly research on religion, particularly Catholicism.

On This Rock
Father John Hollowell - Humanae Vitae, and much more.

Patrick Madrid
Patrick is the author or editor of 14 books and booklets on Catholic themes and much much more.

Quantum Theology
The Decent Films Guide is the online home of the film writing of Steven D. Greydanus, who is film critic for the National Catholic Register. A member of Online Film Critics Society and the Faith & Film Critics Circle, he also writes for Christianity Today Movies & TV and Catholic World Report magazine.

Reflections and Ruminations
The Decent Films Guide is the online home of the film writing of Steven D. Greydanus, who is film critic for the National Catholic Register. A member of Online Film Critics Society and the Faith & Film Critics Circle, he also writes for Christianity Today Movies & TV and Catholic World Report magazine. Reflections to grow in faith.

Saint Blogs Parish
A global Catholic community. A loosely knit group of Catholics who maintain personal “blogs” (short for “web logs”)(Thus we are called “bloggers”). Most of us chronicle our daily lives mixing in commentary on the world around us as it affects us and is affected by our Catholic Faith.

Second Sight - Quentin de la Bedoyere
A shared exploration of the relationship between science and faith.

Secret Harbour - Portus Secretioris
Rejoice, because you have escaped the various dangers and shipwrecks of the stormy world. Rejoice because you have reached the quiet and safe anchorage of a secret harbour. <> Saint Bruno's letter to his sons the Carthusians

Sola Nobilitas Virtus

St. Michael Society - Defending and Promoting the Faith in the Public Square
A society of Catholic professionals and activists engaging to defend and promote the faith in the public policy and political arena, SMS will mobilize on numerous issues from a Catholic perspective including abortion, assisted suicide, gov-run health care, population control, marriage, economic justice and defend against the many political attacks aimed at the Catholic faith.

Standing on My Head
Parish priest Fr. Longnecker's blog about contemporary issues within and without the Church

Steven D. Greydanus Blog
Steven D. Greydanus is film critic for the National Catholic Register and Decent Films, the online home for his film writing.

The Catholic Liturgical Musician
A Catholic liturgical musician (38 years), a choir director, a lover of all types of music that moves my soul.

The Catholic Thing - Forum for Intelligent Catholic Commentary
We will bring you an original column every day that provides fresh and penetrating insight into the current situation along with other commentary, news, analysis, and - yes - even humor. Our writers include some of the most seasoned and insightful Catholic minds in America...

The Catholic Worship Blog & Catholic Worship Online
The goal of the Catholic Worship Blog is to bring Catholic musicians and worship leaders together, in order to provide them with quality musical, theological, and spiritual materials to help them grow in their ministries and to give them the opportunity to call one another on to deeper worship and leadership. At the heart of Catholic Worship Online is a desire to rediscover and reclaim the worship of the Church in the expression of music.

The Cross Reference
Scripture, Liturgy, Catechesis - Faithful Witness to Christ

The Deeps of Time
Science and the Catholic Faith

The Devout Life

The Shrine of the Holy Whapping
They met at the University of Notre Dame. Now these "Catholic Nerds" share their thoughts on Catholic culture, spiritual life and other musings (or "moosings" as the case may be) with the rest of the world.

These Stone Walls
These Stone Walls and Father Gordon MacRae’s defense are sponsored by The National Center for Reason and Justice (www.ncrj.org), and endorsed by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and numerous organizations dedicated to correcting injustice and wrongful convictions in the American criminal justice system.

Tim Drake Blog
Tim Drake serves as senior writer with the National Catholic Register and Faith and Family magazine.

Totally Catholic Youth Ministers Lounge
Blogspot for Youth Ministers

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia
Catholic apologetics and catechesis

USCCB Media Blog: Health and Human Services’ recent attacks on freedom of religion show it is deaf to religious sensibilities.

Vatican Information Service
News from the heart of the church in Rome.

Vita Nostra in Ecclesia
What is happening with the Pope and Rome; selected materials for middle and high school CCD.

Bilingual commentator on national and global issues touching upon our Christian duty from a personal Catholic perspective. / Oblate of St. Benedict. / Military officer.

What Does the Prayer Really Say (WDTPRS)
Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues – by Fr. John Zuhlsdor.

Whispers in the Loggia
Reflections on contemporary issues from a Church perspective

Why I love Religion and Why I Love Jesus
A response to YouTube video - Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus.