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About Catholics
Teachings and beliefs of the Catholic church.

American Catholic Truth Society ACTS
Francis Marks founded the Arizona Catholic Truth Society in 1966 to promote the Catholic Truth in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Apologetics - Podcasts
Some audio debates, apologetics talks, conversion stories, and miscellaneous MP3 files I have found very interesting and helpful in understanding the Catholic faith.

Apologetics Articles
Apologetics articles answering modern Evangelical/Reformed Protestant critics of the Catholic faith such as James White, William Webster, Norman Geisler and others that seem to offer some of the better arguments against the Church from a Fundamentalist viewpoint.

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
Dave Armstrong's Catholic blog

Bread of Life Catholic Apologetics Webring
Links to various Catholic Apologetics websites

Catholic Answers
Catholic Answers is an apostolate dedicated to serving Christ by bringing the fullness of Catholic truth to the world. We help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics “home,” and lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith. We explain Catholic truth, equip the faithful to live fully the sacramental life, and assist them in spreading the Good News.

Catholic Apologetics
Welcome to the most Comprehensive Catholic Apologetics website on the net, that gives answers to many questions about religion and spirituality...

Catholic Apologetics Network
The Catholic Apologetics Network (CAN) is a group of lay Catholics in the Pittsburgh, PA area dedicated to the presevation and spread of the Catholic Faith. CAN hopes to instill in all a renewed zeal for Truth and a commitment to love God above all else.

Catholic Biblical Apologetics
Surveys the origin and development of Roman Catholic Christianity from the period of the apostolic church, through the post-apostolic church and into the conciliar movement.

Catholic Champion
Web-Journal of the Catholic Faith

Catholic Digital Studio - Catholic Apologetics
Catholic Digital Studio is a multimedia site devoted to spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Through written, audio and visual media, we intend to spread hope to a world that desperately needs to hear Christ's message of salvation.

Catholic Faith and Reason
An association of lay Catholics, faithful to the Holy Father and the Magisterium (teaching authority) of the Catholic Church, and dedicated to the new evangelization and apologetics;

Catholic is Right
defending Catholic Church

Defenders of the Catholic Faith
Website of Catholic apologist Stephen Ray.

Evangelical Catholic Apologetics
This is a personal web site from Phil Porvaznik containing many discussions, debates, and articles on Catholic Apologetics, Philosophy, Spirituality and Conversion Stories.

EWTN - Apologetics Library
This is an index of all files in the EWTN "Apologetics" Document Library as of 7/2/2009 sorted by library and title

Living His Life Abundantly Internationally
The vision of Living His Life Abundantly® International, Inc., is a culture imbued with the Gospel message expressed and experienced by individuals who have been and are being brought to wholeness and holiness through the healing love of Jesus Christ. The mission of the apostolate of Living His Life Abundantly® International, Inc., is to mend the Christian fabric of today’s culture by proclaiming the abundant life in Jesus Christ through all manner of communications and media.

Patrick Madrid
PATRICK MADRID is the publisher of Envoy Magazine, a journal of contemporary Catholic thought, and the director of the Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey College. Since its inception in 1996, the Envoy team has garnered numerous journalism awards, including several first-place awards in the magazine-of-the-year “General Excellence” category from the Catholic Press Association

Phatmass - Catholic Apologetics Directory and Links
Links to hundreds of articles regarding the Catholic Faith

San Juan Catholic Seminars
San Juan Catholic Seminars publishes Beginning Catholic Apologetics handbooks and audio CDs to give clear, compelling answers to the most common objections Catholics get about their faith. We want you to discover how easy it is to show the biblical basis for the Eucharist, the papacy, Confession, Mary, purgatory, prayer to the saints, and many other Catholic doctrines.

Scripture Catholic
Providing scriptural evidence for the teachings of the Catholic church.

The ABC's of Faith
THE "ABC's" are the basics of language. Faith must also have its basic elements, and those fundamental truths are found...............

The Catholic Response Magazine
To help you on this life and into eternity

This Rock Magazine
The definitive magazine of Catholic apologetics and evangelization.

Two Minute Apologetics - Bible Christian Society
Some quick answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) that Catholics get.

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia
RCIA, Scripture Study, Catechesis, Reflections

Vic Scaravilli - Catholic Apologist
Videos by lay apologist Vic Scaravilli