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African American Catholics


Sr. Thea Bowman

Evanston Area Black Catholics
A group that seek to bring together blacks from Chicago's North Shore communities who wanted a Catholic experience which also affired their African-American culture.

Fr. Augustine Tolton (1854-1897)
Was the first black priest in the United States. Born into a black Catholic slave family, Father Tolton conquered almost insurmountable odds to become a Catholic priest.

Julia Greeley
Denver's Angel of Charity

Knights of Peter Claver
Is the largest historically African-American Catholic lay organization in the United States. In 2006, a unit was established in San Andres, Colombia, South America. The Order was founded in Mobile, Alabama and is presently headquartered in New Orleans. Our purpose is to render service to God and His Holy Church, render aid and assistance to the sick and disabled, and promote social and intellectual association among our members.

National Assoc. of Black Catholic Administrators
provides the setting for discussion on the Roman Catholic's Church's effort for human development in the United States of America. We are devoted to strengthening African American persons involved in authentic roles in dioceses for community building....

National Black Apostolate for Life (NBCAL)
"It's all about witnessing the dignity of Life in the Black Community"

National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus
serves as a fraternity for Black Catholic Clergy and Religious to support the spiritual, theological, educational, and ministerial growth of its members. The NBCCC is a vehicle to bring the contributions of the Black Community to fruition within the Catholic Church.

National Black Catholic Congress
Comprised of member organizations, represent African American Roman Catholics, working in collaboration with National Roman Catholic organizations. Aware of the challenges, we are committed to evangelize ourselves, our church and unchurched African Americans, thereby enriching the Church.

National Black Catholics Apostolate for Life
No Matter What, No Matter When, Black Catholics Respect Life

Nineteen Sixty-four: A Potrait of Black Catholics in the USA
Nineteen Sixty-four is a research blog for the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University edited by Mark M. Gray. So who are the adult Black Catholics in the United States today?

Subcommitte on African-American Affairs (SAAC)
Is the official voice of the African American Catholic community. The subcommittee attends the needs and aspirations of African American Catholics in regard to issues of ministry, evangelization, social justice, worship and other areas of concern.

Timeline of Black Catholic History